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What’s the Difference?

A qualified individual must meet education and experience requirements and pass an exam. The training that one goes through to earn a degree in Interior Design follows similar courses as an Architecture student. A typical Interior Design degree requires four year Bachelor’s Degrees from an accredited Institution. Registration promotes competency and when it comes to your…
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The Meaning of Color

Color is a strong psychological tool. The use of color can send positive or negative messages, calm or excite a crowd, encourage or disenchant a sale. In marketing the psychology of color plays a very important role, for example: let’s take a look at “Campbell’s Soup”. Why do you think this branding image has never…
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Interior Design (Safety)

Each item that is placed in a room must meet approval for use in each space type. For example, commercial spaces use products that have specific ratings that comply with requirements for flammability, durability, safety, clean-ability, convenience and more. A good example is an oversized bathroom stall that is designed to accommodate a wheelchair turning…
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Interior Design (Space)

Have you felt very comfortable in one place and couldn’t wait to leave another? This intangible interaction between people and their surroundings is known in architecture as the psychology of space. There is more to interior design than selecting materials and furnishings. Understanding human nature makes a designer best equipped to createa space that is…
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